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The New Brunswick Real Estate Association (NBREA) dates back to 1958 when it was incorporated under the Companies Act of New Brunswick. Today it represents over 1,000 REALTORS® throughout the province

NBREA Mission Statement:
The New Brunswick Real Estate Association serves and regulates its members through education, professional and ethical standards, and promotion of public awareness for the benefit of REALTORS® and the public they serve.

One of the roles of the NBREA is to co-regulate the practice of trading in real estate within the province in conjunction with the provincial government. The Association is committed to protecting the interests of New Brunswick's real estate buyers and sellers by:

  • Developing and maintaining standards of qualification for real estate agents, managers, and salespersons
  • Providing educational programs for its members, including pre-licensing courses and continuing education
  • Promoting public awareness of the role of the Association
  • Enforcing strict adherence to standards of professional ethics as specified in the CREA REALTOR® Code of Ethics

The practice of real estate in New Brunswick is governed by two separate Acts. An Act to Incorporate the New Brunswick Real Estate Association, promulgated in 1994 and administered by NBREA, is a private member's bill that establishes the Association and describes how it will conduct its business. The Real Estate Agents Act is a government act that allows for the licensing of real estate firms (agents), managers (who are call “brokers” in other provinces), and salespeople (who may be referred to as “agents” in other provinces).

Aside from differences in terminology there is one substantial difference in the way that the real estate industry is structured that clearly sets New Brunswick apart from other provinces. While other provinces have an Association that provides member services and a Commission that serves as a regulator, New Brunswick has opted for co-regulation and the “regulatory” role is filled by both the Association and the Consumer Affairs Branch of the Department of Justice and Consumer Affairs.

Although licensing is strictly the domain of the provincial Justice department, preparation for licensing and provision of appropriate license maintenance education programs is the responsibility of the Association. The Committee of Examiners, established under the Act to Incorporate, ensures the availability of pre-licensing courses for all classes of licenses and continuing professional education programs for all members. On January 1, 2009 the current system that requires members to accumulate CPE credits will be replaced by a series of mandatory courses.

All Members of the NBREA must also be members in good standing of the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) who, by virtue of their membership, may proudly display the REALTOR® logo in all their correspondence and advertising. REALTORS® are trained professionals qualified to help buyers and sellers with all their real estate needs.

REALTORS® adhere to the REALTOR® Code of Ethics and conduct their business in accordance with the Standards of Business Practice adopted by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). To learn more about CREA, click here.

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